Can’t get to Cambridge on the day? You can hear the action unfold on an all-day broadcast led by professional presenter (and pyrotechnician) Matthew Tosh. Listen to every team’s test piece and hear from participants, past judges and organisers of the event as they chat to Matthew live. If you've never experienced a Contest Final, this is a great opportunity to find out what goes on and to hear from people taking part in this unique event.

The broadcast will be live on YouTube from 10:45am (UK time) on Final Day. It usually lasts around eight hours, starting with the welcome and draw live and continuing until the results. Each test piece will be broadcast live using the same feed as HawkEar and the judges listen to.

This year there will be an additional visual element to give viewers an enhanced experience of the event - including live video of the bells ringing, the studio and guests and even social media messages on screen.

Click here to go to the broadcast on YouTube.